Art Gallery

DSE has thousands of artworks for you to preview. Below is a representative selection of some of the great art by the great artists we represent. We encourage you to visit our consultations page to discover how we can provide you extraordinary value-added in the search for the perfect contemporary work for your setting.

Eunice Napangardi

Yuparli - Bush Banana Dreaming

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Josie Petrick Kemarre

Bush Berry Dreaming

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Lucy Yukenbarri

Gathering Bush Tomatoes at Tjintjula Soak

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Lucy Loomoo

Yirnangarri - 2007

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Warkartu Cory Surprise

Mayarta - 2004

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Ningua Naparrula

Women's Ceremony

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Featured Centers & Galleries

Our partnerships span the entire Australian continent. Below are representative samplings of the amazing art available across Australia.

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