• About DSE Asheville


    Design Sydney-East Asheville is a private client service for acquiring investment grade  contemporary Australian Aboriginal art.



  • How We Operate


    Our client base includes large and small institutions, law & professional firms, boutique hotels, interior designers and private collectors.



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  • The Dreamtime


    For the Aboriginal artist, the “Dreamtime” signifies a timeless and divine totality of being; its powerful influence is the driving engine of contemporary Australian Aboriginal art and is why this art is so unique and compelling.



  • Aboriginal Art Centers


    Art centers are the first point of contact for anybody seeking access to, or information about, artists and their communities. Aboriginal art centers seek to maximize financial returns to the artists and to ensure artworks are presented with integrity and accurate documentation.



  • Investment Grade Art


    Australian Aboriginal art's importance and value are now firmly established in today's art market and Aboriginal artists today are commanding and receiving prices for works considered "investment level" by galleries around the world, by major auc­tion houses, and in art centers promoting specific art communi­ties in Australia. This is only a relatively-recent phenomena. While Aboriginal artists have ef­fectively been producing their art for tens of thousands of years, ramped-up valuations have only emerged during the last 40 or so years with the growing awareness by non-indigenous people of Australian Aboriginal art's importance and its beauty.



  • Hiromi


    Hiromi Ashlin is a world-renowned "ju-dan" level Japanese calligrapher and origami master. From the assemblage of meticulously folded Japanese papers, calligraphy painting, stippling, and washes, Hiromi's art expresses a Zen-like quietude that emerges out of highly organic environments of powerful movement and color transitions. Hiromi is the only non-Aboriginal artist represented by Design Sydney-East.



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