Great Value and Custom Service

Through our relationships with Australian art centers and galleries we are able to offer you beautiful art at prices identical to what you would pay if you were purchasing in Australia. We guarantee the art you purchase from us will never be priced higher than the current pricing in Australia. Your only additional expense is any associated shipping and handling costs.


Client Enrollment


Client enrollment begins with a consultation. There is a one-time consultation fee of $275.00, which is fully refunded once the valuation of your purchase(s) reach(es) $2750.00. Consultations are conducted on-site at the client's home, office, or project. Your consultation includes a complimentary copy of Susan McCulloch's seminal reference book, CONTEMPORARY ABORIGINAL ART: The Complete Guide, a $60.00 value. We welcome relationships with private clients, interior designers, legal and other businesses, hotels, architects, and builders.


Considered the essential introduction to Australian Aboriginal art, McCulloch's Complete Guide is an invaluable, beautiful, and immensely informative introduction to Aboriginal art. Picture-packed with hundreds of images from over eighty art centers across Australia, it provides the most up-to-date information on all the significant art producing centers, including the areas throughout the central and western deserts, the Kimberley and Western Australia, the PY and NPY lands, the Top End and Arnhem Land, Queensland and the Torrey Straits Islands, the southern states and capital cities.


Since each art center has its own unique style and painting personality, using the Complete Guide will enable you to identify those art producing centers and art styles that specifically appeal to you.


Your Personal Website


Once pricing, sizes, colors, and styles have been specified, Design Sydney-East will create a private website for you and curate it with recommended works aggregated from Aboriginal art centers and galleries across Australia.


The details of what you are looking for are added to your website from inventory available from the most respected galleries and art centers across Australia.


Many of Australia's finest Aboriginal art galleries and centers are located in extremely isolated/remote locations requiring off-road travel along difficult dirt or weathered bitumen roads that sometimes span hundreds of kilometers of distance. Alternatively, for those who can afford it, private small plane transportation is a faster method of travel but involves higher costs.


Notwithstanding the difficulty associated with traveling to many Australian galleries and art centers, it does provide one distinct advantage to prospective buyers. Because of the hardships surrounding travel to many of these galleries and art centers, a vast inventory of works from many of the greatest Aboriginal artists in Australia patiently waits for the occasional visitor to come by, and gallery and art center directors are only too happy to match your specifications against available works and, through the magic of the Internet, populate your website from the other side of the world with works conforming to the design & architectural specifications established during your consultation.


Of course, there is no obligation to purchase anything, ever; however, we recommend you preview your website regularly as works presented for your consideration may be sold quickly, depending client traffic visiting a particular gallery or art center on any given day.