Our Operating Principle


Here's our simple operating principle: only buy art you love, and only when you are certain your architectural spaces are capable of showing them to their best effect. Unfortunately, too many people observe the first part of this guiding principle while ignoring the second; that's where we can help out, and it's our specialty.


Why Australian Aboriginal Art?


We love contemporary/modern art. Our specific passion and niche is Australian Aboriginal art. Why? Because Aboriginal men and women in remote communities across Australia are creating some of the most compelling and innovative works in the world. Their art is radical, contemporary, beautiful and alive. We are privileged to represent the finest established and newly emerging Australian Aboriginal artists and to be involved in introducing them to audiences in the United States.


Analysis of Your Set and Setting


Design Sydney-East gives you direct access to the vast and diverse contemporary Aboriginal art scene stretching across the Australian continent while ensuring any art investment you choose to make is executed only after full and deliberate consideration of every architectural element associated with the space you live in and the space your art will be occupying (i.e., sizing, color, illumination, etc.).


The Difference Between DSE and Traditional Galleries


DSE operates as an aggregator of a vast supply of Aboriginal art inventory worldwide. The benefit to you is the ability to survey a much wider universe of artwork not available in a typical gallery setting. Most traditional brick-and-mortar galleries have extremely limited inventory without any relationship to a buyer's particular architectural requirements. We believe purchasing a beautiful work of art should only follow after an informed understanding is developed about your specific "set and setting", since what might look amazing in a gallery environment may not translate to a space in your home, office, boardroom, or other location.


We take the guesswork out of this critical first step by providing you with custom-tailored access to thousands of artworks specifically sized for your home, office, or institutional spaces. We deal with remote art centers across Australia and with the best, most ethical, Australian Aboriginal art galleries to discover and then present to you investment-grade art conforming to your personal, unique, requirements.


Conscientious Attention to the Artist


We are passionate proponents of fair trade/best practices and the Indigenous Art Code, so you can rest assured any purchase through DSE will guarantee the artist has been compensated at fair market prices for his or her work.