you want for the period of time you need. We package and then deliver your artwork to your home or business. We are equipped to handle next-day service as well as custom hanging.

Pricing Chart

The following pricing chart can be applied to any of the works GSE offers:

Rental//Lease Periods & Related Expenses Rates
One day to One Week 25% of valuation
> One Week <30 Days (1 Month) 20% of valuation
> 30 Days (1 Month) < 90 Days (3 Months) 15% of valuation per month
>90 Days (3 Months) 10% of valuation per month
Annual Contract 5% of valuation
Delivery (includes drop-off & pick-up) $200.00
Oversized Delivery (requiring 12' or larger truck--includes drop-off & pick-up) $500.00
Expedited (24-hour) next day delivery and set-up. $250.00
Custom Hanging $100.00 per hour priced in 20 minute increments

Option to Purchase

Exclusive to Gallery Sydney-East, we will apply 50% of your rental/lease expenses (delivery/set-up fees not included) towards a subsequent purchase. So, for example, if you decide to purchase a work with a $2,400 valuation that you lease for 6 months, we will apply $600 towards your purchase price (10% of valuation [$200] x 6 [months] = $1200 x 50%).


About Gallery Sydney-East's Art Rental/Lease Program

One of the most affordable & popular ways of bringing Australian Aboriginal masterworks into your home or office is to rent/lease, featuring GSE's exclusive option-to-buy benefit. Here are some of the tangible benefits associated with renting/leasing GSE art:

  • Rental/leased artwork qualifies in most cases as a tax-deductible business expense.
  • You benefit from the appreciation of fine art without a large up-front capital outlay.
  • Rental/leased artwork provides a means to achieve premium interior decorating at budget-conscious pricings.
  • High quality art creates a distinctive environment that promotes morale and facilitates an atmosphere of accomplished professionalism.
  • Your artwork is fully insured and protected.

Designed for Flexibility

Rental/Lease is available for whatever time frame is required. You select the work or works of art

This beautiful painting titled "Madjalindy" was painted in 2005 by Mignonette Jamin, a senior aritst working out of Waringarri Arts in Kununurra, Western Australia.