Cheryl Wilson
Cheryl Wilson, © Tangentyere Artists Center, Alice Springs
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This painting is about the direction of the wind. It travels in different directions. The north wind is not good for pregnant mums and little babies. It can cause injury to both. It can be fatal sometimes. The word for that is aretharre, which means wind from the north.

USD $1500
Cheryl was born in Alice Springs and spent her early years living at Charles Creek Town Camp. Attending school at Santa Teresa community, she had the careful guidance of her family as teachers at the local school. Following going to boarding school in Queensland, Cheryl returned home and studied to become a registered Aboriginal Health Worker at Bachelor College. The years to follow involved work at Yuendumu, Santa Teresa and in Alice Springs at the Centre for Remote Health, whilst doing business studies at the Institute for Aboriginal Development. Cheryl was surrounded by family members painting their dreamings in a variety of styles from the country of Yuendumu across to Santa Teresa. Cheryl has herself now begun painting for Tangentyere Artists and to date has sold more work than any other contributing artist. Cheryl is also worked as the assistant art coordinator until December 2006 and was very committed to working towards a successful art centre for all artists. She is married to a Warlpiri man and has three daughters now residing at the Yuendumu Community.


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