Paddy Carroll Tjungurrayi
Mayapu Elsie Thomas © Mangkaja Arts Center, Fitzroy Crossing, WA
Picture of Paddy Carroll Tjungurrayi
Muliera is a Warlpiri term describing an initiation ceremony for young men. In this painting a sacred site called Kurrinyarra (Mt. Wedge) is depicted where Muliera ceremonies are performed. The initiates are taught the importance and significance of their ancestors during the world creation (Dreamtime) period. The symbolic designs are representative of body paint and ground paintings that the men use during the Muliera ceremony. This painting is exquisitely set in a hand-carved double Italian frame.

USD $4800
Paddy "stopped" at Papunya in the mid-1970's where he observed some of the elder men painting their dreamings on canvas and began to paint himself. He gained the reputation of being among the foremost of the Western Desert artists and painted for many major exhibitions in most Australian capitals. In 1988 he painted the concentric circles for the Bicentennial $10.00 polymer bank note and in 1991 he travelled to the United States with Dinny Nolan Jampitjinpa on a working exhibition. His work is represented in the Art Gallery of South Australia, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Parliament House, Canberra, Australian Museum, Sydney; University of Western Australia Anthropology Museum; Holmes a Court Flinders University Art Museum, Broken Hill Art Gallery and many others.


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Men's Ceremony

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