Lloyd Shepherd
No photo currently available for Lloyd Shepherd who is represented by Warlayirti Arts Center, Balgo Hills, WA
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Lloyd has painted some of the country of his father and grandfather, located far to the south of Balgo. This country is called Warrakurna, near the Giles Meteorological Station. The painting illustrates a story of Lloyd's grandfather. When his grandfather was out hunting many years ago he passed a pinki, or cave. He heard a baby crying from the cave. The grandfather became frightened and threw his spear in the at the spirit baby, spearing him in the groin. The grandfather ran away, but the baby was not harmed by the spear. The baby's spirit grew into of Lloyd's If you travel through that country you can see where that hill with the pinki is.

USD $1500
Lloyd Shepherd was born near Warmala in 1968 and paints out of the Warlayirti Arts Center in Balgo Hills, Western Australia. Like some his contemporaries, such as Hansen Pye, Philomena Baadjo, Monica Njamme, and others, Lloyd is one of a number of especially exciting young artists who are producing powerful and highly-collectible paintings. Lloyd paints Warrakurna, country of his father and grandfather, located far south of Balgo. The Dreamings he paints are rich in detail and respect for the traditions of his ancestors.


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