Alison Munti Riley
Alison Munti Riley, © Ron Acker, Gallery Sydney-East, Washington, DC
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Tjala Arts is located at Amata Community, in the far northwest of South Australia. It is an Aboriginal owned and managed corporation that sells artwork on behalf of its members.

In this painting Alison has depicted many rock holes (circles) where watcr collects after the rains. The lines connecting the rock holes are the creeks or water courses. These rock holes are an important source of water during the dry season when most of the water holes and creeks dry up. Water is an essential element in the design. Knowledge of rock hole sites is passed from generation to generation and revered by all Anangu (people) Pitjantjatjara. This is country where Alison's father lived and hunted.   USD $2000
Alison came to paint at Tjala Arts in late 2006. Her mother is Betty Munti a highly regarded artist working at Tjala Arts. As a child she grew up at Pukatja where she went to school. She lived there with her family before they all moved to Amata around 1990. Alison said she learned to paint and batik while at school and then at Emabellia Arts Inc in Pukatja. Alsion has two sons and two daughters. She is developing a reputation as a newly-emerging Tjala artist and the valuations of her works are increasing rapidly.


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