Shailyn Peris (Young Artist)
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Gallery Sydney-East supports the efforts of Australian art centers to encourage developing young artists in their respective communities. It is GSE's policy to return any profits derived from the sale of works by young artists back to the artist through their art center in the hopes of facilitating and sustaining their interest in their art. Your purchase of a work by a young Aboriginal artist is a great opportunity to make a positive impact on that artist and his or her community. Additionally, your purchase should be viewed as an investment not only in the artist but in the artist's work since the valuation of works by many young Aboriginal artists have appreciated substantally over time.

USD 200
"Once there lived a snake he lived in a boab tree and far as the snake can see the ground was flat and every night the golden moon will came out as the snake will come out the same tmie as the moon".
USD $200
Shailyn Peris is a "Young Artist" painting out of the Warmun Arts Center in Turkey Creek, Western Australia. Her grandfather is famous Warmun painter, Jock Mosquito. Shailyn paints Gija country and Dreaming stories from her family's traditional lands.


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Snake and Boab Tree

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