Marika Patrick
Marika Patrick, © Warmun Arts Center, Turkey Creek, WA
Picture of Marika Patrick
Patrick has painted the beehive domes of her family's traditional country - the World Heritage-listed Bungle Bungles (Purnululu) National Park. This is Patrick's grandmother's country where her great great grandmother used to live. Patrick says it was good hunting country and that she still visits sometimes to see the people who still live there.

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This is a site on one side of the highway between Warmun and Halls Creek. This hill can be seen before the turn-off to Chinaman's Garden. This hill is a Dreaming site on the traditional country of Marika's grandmother's brother.

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Marika has depicted her country in the form of a map. Marika Patrick's family are the traditional owners of country within what is now known as Bungle Bungles National Park. The Gija name for the country is Purnululu. At the top of the painting are the domes of the Purnululu "beehives." Picaninny Gorge lies between these hills. The road winds through the composition in yellow. Her family's bush camp is marked by a circle in the bottom left of the canvasThis is the site where Marika's aunt Shirley Drill and her family stay when they visit their country. The Ranger's camp is marked in brown. The blue shape of the river cuts across the road. Blue Hole is an important waterhole to Patrick's family. It lies on this same river. Purnululu is an important site to Patrick and her family, who visit often. Many Ngarrankarni (Dreaming) sites are part of this country.   USD $6000
Marika paints the Ngarrankarni (Dreaming) stories of her grandmother and her grandmother's father--the Willy Willy dreaming as well as Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming) stories associated with rock formations, including the Bungle Bungles (Purnululu) in the country south of Warmun towards Halls Creek, and Chinaman's Garden.

Marika was asked by her grandfather to paint when he was still alive but she only became interested in painting as she grew older and realised the value of the old peoples' stories. She made an immediate impact on the Warmun Art Centre when she started painting in early 2005, and in July of the same year she was voted by the artist's committee as the Chairperson. Nambin is one of the rising stars among the Warmun artist group and is also on the board of ANKAAA, the peak advisory and support agency for Aboriginal owned art centres in the Kimberely and the Top End.


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