Rosellen Park
Rosellen Park, © Warmun Arts Center, Turkey Creek, WA
Picture of Rosellen Park
"In the old days my grandfather, grandmother, and my mother and uncles used to walk over this range, through the gap on top of the painting, down in the valley. Fishing and collecting bamboo for spears. They they would walk across the other range into the Bungle Bungles to meet with other relatives that was living in Gawarre. It would take them two days to get there in the Bungle Bungles and back to the station."

USD $4500
Roseleen Park is an emerging artist painting out of the Warmun Arts Center in Turkey Creek, Western Australia. Her family and extended family number some of the most prominent painters working at Warmun today and include such artists as Madigan Thomas, Shirley Purdie, Lena Nyadbi, Katie Cox, Anthony Yalunga and cousins Nancy Nodea and Churchill Cann. Roseleen paints country of the traditional lands of her mother and grandfather, and her style is unique and beautiful.


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Balankirr Range (On Texas Country)

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