Nellie Njamme
Nellie Njamme, © Warlayirti Arts Center, Balgo Hills, WA
Picture of Bruce Njamme
In this painting Nellie depicts some of her grandmother's country, Yagga Yagga, located south of Balgo. Yagga Yagga is the sacred home of the dingo. The community is located near a large fresh water swamp called Ngantalarra. The Ngantalarra area is famous across the northern deserts. It is a very fertile area, containing other freshwater lakes and swamps (such as Ngali Kutjara and Kunakulu) as well as open plains that are ideal for hunting and, perhaps most importantly, extensive fields of wild sweet potato in the sand plains. The circles in Nellie's painting represent rockholes where water can be found and the lines represent the creeks that run between the rockholes and the tali (sandhills). A beautiful and powerful painting.

USD $2100
Nellie is a senior law woman from Yagga Yagga. She married an important artist and lawman named Jimmy Njamme (now deceased) and they had six children. Nellie is a wonderful hunter and story teller and is custodian to the Seven Sister’s dreaming at Nakarra Nakarra. Nellie’s children are all painters and Monica, her eldest daughter, has been given the rights to paint her father's stories. Nellie won the Best Oil/Acrylic Prize at the East Kimberley Art Awards in Kununurra in 1999. She has a powerful style utilizing a vibrant palette.


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Yagga Yagga

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