Beerbee Mungnari
Beerbee Mungnari, © Warmun Arts, Turkey Creek, WA
Picture of Beerbee Mungnari
Dingo Dreaming at Mungnari Hill is about a dingo's journey across the hills of Munganri's country in the Northern Territory. He tells the story and explains the journey as it follows the white dots over the hill in the centre of the painting. "Dingo on this side of the country, name's Kawuri, went right on up there, went right up back to Moonlight down the West back."

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This country is called Diwalabar which Mungnari says is "round about Kildirk Way." Captain Spring lies behind the red ridge on the right. Mungnari used to muster cattle through the wide gap represented here between the high red hill and the pointed hill. They would take the cattle "right back to Boxer Spring (and) Captain Yart." Mungnari says Captain Yard is now called Lightning Bore.

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A gardiya (white) policeman was shot at this place. Mungnari says this happenend in "the early days, wild days" of first contact between Gija and non-Aboriginal people. The policeman was armed with a shotgun and was chasing a group of Gija people. The policeman had already killed one Aboriginal man when one of the Gija he was chasing hid behind a tree. He speared the policeman between the ribs and he died.

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Beerbee Mungnari is one of the top painters working out of Warmun Arts Center in Turkey Creek, Western Australia. Beerbee started to paint in 1982, the same year that the school at Warmun started. HE spent considerable time painting the early stories to teach students at the new Ngalanganpum School. His early works now form part of the important Warmun Community Collection.
Beerbee's association with painting greats, Hector Jandany and Jack Britten, were pivotal influences on his work. Hector and Jack not only collaborated on painting but they worked with Beerbee during his years as a cattle drover.
Beerbee Mungnari's reputation is international in scope and his paintings hang in many public and private collections worldwide.


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Captain Gap
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Dingo Dreaming at Mungnari Hill

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