Judy Mengil
Judy Mengil, © Waringarri Arts, Kununurra, WA
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"Benengoogwalem is my traditional country. It is the place where freshwater spring bubbles up from on top of the ridge and splits into two little creeks. There is a waterhole in the upper right surrounded Nhai nahal - waterlillies. The creeks join up as they flow towards Moonoomoorrem - the Keep River. In the lower right is where that spring starts. "It should be on the top of this painting but it looked better here for the painting." During the wet season the creeks overflow into billabong areas." --Judy Mengil

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"This is my mother's traditional country at Binjin - Bucket Springs. Now it is in Keep River National Park. The three main billabongs are called Marlem, Gamanggarr-ngarim and Moolerrm. Nhal-nhal water lily grows around the bilabongs. We fish and hunt all around here. Benengoogwalem is where the creek flows from a freshwater spring. During the dreamtime the barramundi passed by the this place." -- Judy Mengil

USD $5000
Judy Mengil is one of many internationally-recognized painters who are producing extranordinary work at the Waringarri Arts Center in Kununurra, Western Australia.

As a senior painter at Waringarri, she has passed her traditions on to her children and grandchildren. She paints her mother's and father's country around Binjin - Bucket Springs near the Keep River National Park in the Northern Territories. This beautiful country abounds with life.

Judy's work is highly sought after and has been purchased by collectors around the world.


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Binjin Spring

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