Gurundul Marawili
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Gurrtjpi is the stingray hunted much on the shallow shores of Blue Mud Bay. It is also a totem for the Madarrpa at Båniyala as they talk of Gurrtjpi having a path of creation at Båniyala. A few hundred yards down the beach at Båniyala, a small tidal creek cuts through the dunes to the flat country immediately behind. This small creek named Måwa\ga was used by Gurritjpi to track back into the bush. Here he bit into the ground forming several small billabongs, a source of water for Yol\u living there. His path continued along the direction that is now the Båniyala air strip to flat sandy country before heading out to the point Lulumu to become a white rock surrounded by the slow tides. During the days of Wo\gu the Djapu warrior, an area in the shape of the stingray was cleared by him and others who came to country to hunt Gurrtjpi mid way through the dry season. The area is still clear today, his two eyes holes in the ground where the current inhabitants pick sand to throw in the direction of the rock at Lulumu for good luck and plentiful fishing. The stingray Gurrtjpi has been depicted in these waters. USD $1500
Sister of Djambawa Marawili and wife and long time artistic collaborator of Wanyubi Marika, Gurundul Marawili is a brilliant artist painting out of Buku Larrngay Mulka.

In 2006 and onwards she started to produce work of her own in the themes of her Madarrpa clan identity.


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Gurrtjpi at Baniyala

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