Penny K. Lyons
Penny K. Lyons, © Mangkaja Arts Center, Fitzroy Crossing, WA
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A small gem of shimmering complimentary colors evokes the "Wet" in this beautiful piece by Kuji Rosie, "This is a painting of mash country. We call-em Warla (lake)." -- Kujui Rosie Goodjie

USD $600
This beautiful collaborative work consists of three significant painters working out of Mangkaja, Kuji Rosie Goodjie, Tjigila Nada Rawlins, and Penny K. Lyons. Kuji Rosie's contribution appears in the middle. She says, "Bush in my country, I put 'em different grasses that grow out bush in my country."

USD $8250
Penny K. Lyons paints out of the Mangkaja Arts Center in Fitzroy Crossing. Her country is characterized by a semi-arid monsoonal climate, with marked Wet and Dry Seasons. Local Aboriginal people recognize more than these two seasons. The vegetation of the region features riverine eucalyptus woodlands, savannah grasslands (which are frequently burned during the Dry Season) and pockets of fire-sensitive flora in spectacular limestone ranges formed from an ancient coral reef system, 350 million years ago during the Devonian Period. Penny is a senior painter at Mangkaja.


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