Tasha Lumai
Tasha Lumai, © Waringarri Arts, Kununurra, WA
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"This is my grandmother's traditional country in Keep River National Park on the Northern Territory and Western Australia boder". This place is called Hungry Billabong it is the brown circle located in the center of the painting. The brown at the top right of the painting is a billabong called Campbell billabong. The brown at the bottom right is called Annie Bore it's the old stockmen camping area. All the gray are also billabongs." -- Tasha Lumai

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Tasha has painted a story of two hill Kangaroo's. The kangaroo with the long arm is called Ngungood, the other one with the short arm is called Jaling. They were fighting over the Sugarbag. This area of this country is at Bubble community area near Keep River National Park. The lines indicated in the painting are the creeks, the circle on the left is a waterhole and the one on the right is the Sugarbag where the Kangaroos were fighting.

USD $125
Tasha is another "Young Artist" painting out of the Waringarri Arts Center near Kununurra, WA and is part of a family consisting of many world-famous artists, such as Minne Lumai. "My name is Tasha I was born in Kununurra and was raised by my grandmother ( dad's mother ). I was born on the 21/1/1992. My grandmother's traditional country is in the Keep River National Park. I watch my grandmothers paint and enjoy and I want to be a famous artist like my grandmothers. I paint about my great great grand mother's and grandfather's traditional country."--Tasha Lumai


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Bubble Bubble
Hungry Billabong

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