Dan Jones
Dan Jones, © Tangentyere Artists, Alice Springs
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In this painting, Dan Jones depicts country around his home community in Soapy Bore. The brightly colored hills depict Arrawarre country, Dan's home and the site of his community's Dreaming stories. The beautifully rendered truck in the center of the painting is a typical conveyance used to transport goods to and from his country which is located in the remote area of Utopia.

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Dan was born at MacDonnell Downs Station, near Utopia. His country is Arrawarre, near Utopia and he considers Soapy Bore his home community. Dan is married to Elizabeth Beasley and although he regularly returns to his country for family and ceremonial commitments, he lives in Alice Springs because his wife requires dialysis. Dan's heart and mind are very much in his country around Utopia. He paints places such as Indeyelpe - his country he reveres and knows so well - in the traditional way (using symbols) as well as in a more contemporary landscape style. His work is concerned with describing this country in every way: historically (Jukurrpa stories, as well as 'olden days' lifestyle) geographically and botanically (intimate knowledge of all that grows there, what is edible, what is medicinal etc).


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