Carole Hapke
Carole Hapke, © Waringarri Arts Center, Kununurra, WA
Picture of Carole Hapke
In this painting Carole represents an area of her mother's traditional country in the Kimberley region of Northern Australia. Curving through a rocky ridge of Yirralalem is a creek called Wawoolem. This is frilled neck lizard - gerdan- country made during the Dreamtime. At the centre of the painting the curve of the creek represents a freshwater spring. The textured markings indicated were made by Gerdan (also called Wawooloong) as he clawed at the hillsides. The artist's community where she lives and paints is situated close to this area.

"That's where the eagle hawk and the white crane were fishing down near Dadam at the corner of Packsaddle Road near where the dam is now. They got that malawoon leaf and threw it in the water. That's how they caught the fish. Old people used to catch fish that way too. The fish would float to the surface of the water and you could pick them up easy way." -- Carole Hapke

USD $2900
Carole Hapke is one of the emerging artistic bright lights now painting out of the Waringarri Arts Center in Kununurra, WA. Her traditional country is the Kimberly region of Northern Australia. Carole's innovations include deep incising that adds sculptural qualities and depth to her rich ochre works.


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Malawoon Dreaming

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