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The aboriginal women are the gatherers of the Tribe, the men are the Hunters. So the women only gather such things as Honey Ants. They are good sources of calcium and iron. Also Goannas, native high protein lizards,and snakes are subject matter that you will find Audrey's beautiful paintings.

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The aboriginal women are the gatherers of the tribe, the men are the hunters. Women gather such things as Witchetty/Witjuti Grubs (in the center of Audrey's painting). They are tasty and, like borers, are found in wood stems, trunks and roots of certain wattles. They are good sources of calcium and iron. Another figure depicted by Audrey is the Goanna, a high protein lizard native to her country. Additional subject matter includes snakes and other animal and insect forms.

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Audrey Calma is from Melville Island but now is principally resident in and around Darwin, NT. A land of dense rainforest and cascading waterfalls, Melville Island, together with nearby Bathurst Island, is home to the Australian Aboriginal people, the Tiwi. Audrey's painting depict 'Bush Tucker Dreaming' depicts a Tiwi women's Dreaming Story about 'Bush Tucker'. Her paintings concentrate on the different foods that are gathered by local Aboriginal people.


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Honey Ant Dreaming
Witchetty Witjuti Grub Dreaming

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