Hiromi Ashlin
Hiromi Ashlin, © The Broome Factory, Broome, WA
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Aomaru (Blue Circle) utilizes box origami employing translucnet Japanese papers that have been washed and stippled and then folded into squares surrounded by stitched paper, creating a structured but free flowing work of immense beauty and subtlety.

USD $3000
Akanoke - Voice of Red. Oragami petals.

USD $7000
Aino Kimochi is one of two studies by Hiromi Ashlin employing Japanese indigo color cranes in two different checked-pattern arrangements. The piece is evocative of Hiromi's Japanese origin and is a reminder of her Japanese roots. Hiromi has used handmade papers, wood-block and origami to create this beautiful work.

USD $1800
Chowa - Harmony. The hundreds of intricate hand-folded petals create an incredible energy that radiates across a room; like watching wind blowing through saw grass. Two different patterns mix in the middle of the work to create an organic shape. "Sometime two different way can make one complete work." -- Hiromi

USD $3000
Kimono and Sumi #1. Water color wash, silk filament inlay, Japanese Kimono inlay.

USD $750
Kokyou_Hometown. Origami petals.

USD $4000
Karappo (Empty). A multitude of white folded cranes suspended within a cloud-like background with Japanese wash and brushwork. "--Zero, Start line, from scratch, fresh. They are images of "empty" on this work." -- Hiromi

USD $4000
Maebure - Prelude.

USD $5500
Mangetu - Full Moon. Mangetu is the accompanying piece to Aino Kimochi (Feeding from Indigo), incorporating color transitions to create energy and movement. "This is an image of a Broome full moon just coming up from the horizon. It is beautiful orange color and bigger than expected that gives strong powers." Hiromi

USD $1800
Mankai-No-Ato - After Full Bloom

USD $4500
Mizu - Water

USD $2500
Mudai #1. An extraordinary work consisting of over 1,000 meticulously hand-folded petals of Japanese paper applied with sprayed and stippled washes. The visual effect is of energy fields in perpetual movement that change in relation to light and in relation to the viewer's perspective.

USD $4500
Musuuno Hosi - Innumerable Stars

USD $7000
Nobiru - Grow. Large, intricately folded cranes with varish applique mounted on thick, luxuriant hand-made Japanese paper. "That pattern from fern tree in rain forest." --Hiromi Ashlin

USD $4000
Sabakuno-hana - Flower of the Desert. Sabakuno-hana (Flower of the Desert) is comprised of a multitude of intricately folded papers with applied washes and stippling that creates a sense of quite movement, like wind blowing through dry rushes.

USD $4500
Saisei - Rebirth. Hand washed, with calligrahy. Crane origami.

USD $6500
Senbazuru Bokurano Hoshi - 1000 Cranes. 1000 hand-folded cranes in a tour-de-force presentation mounted on hand-made Japanese paper that has been washed and stippled.

USD $6000
Sussumu - Steps. Hand-folded cranes mounted on hand-made Japanese paper that has been washed and stippled.

USD $3500
Takaranotizu #2 - Treasure Map.

USD $2500
Tikurin - Bamboo Forest

USD $1750
Yuuki (Courage), Shinjui (Belief), Shinrai (Faith). Triptych design executed in Zen-like simplicity. "This is about courage, belief and faith." -- Hiromi Ashlin

USD $3000
As a Sensei-level Japanese calligrapher and origami master, Hiromi Ashlin from Broome, Australia, creates remarkable works that possess a Zen-like quietude within an organic environment of powerful movement and color transitions. Hiromi’s works require the assemblage of meticulously folded Japanese papers, calligraphy painting, stippling and washes.

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