Our goal is to be able to offer our clients in the United States extended access to thousands of works of Aboriginal art directly through community art centers and respected galleries in Australia. We are excited about our forthcoming affiliation with Palya-Palya.com and will be devoting our maximum energies to meeting our target deadline, which will necessarily involve extensive travel to Australia.

As a consequence of our forthcoming merger with Palya-Palya.com, we will begin operating by appointment only beginning Spring 2011. Please call us to arrange private viewings during this transition period. We will continue to offer our exclusive in-home/ in-office design consultation and framing services.

Design Consultations

In-home/in-office design consultations are priced at USD $150.00 with the service charge deducted from any purchases over USD $2000.00. In addition to the many artists represented on our "Artists" page, we have direct access to over eighty art centers at Aboriginal art communities throughout Australia. If we do not have artwork immediately available for you, we can quickly locate and identify perfect sizings, colors and artists in Australia to fulfull your design requirements.


One of the most affordable & popular ways of featuring Australian Aboriginal masterworks in your home or office is to rent/lease. All of our art is available for rental or lease, with an option to buy.

  • Rent/lease artwork qualifies in most cases as a tax-deductible business expense.
  • Capital isn't tied up.
  • Leased artwork provides a budget-conscious means for improving your work environment.
  • Check our or rental information page for additional details.


Gallery Sydney-East represents Australian Aboriginal artists to collectors, interior designers, architects and corporations in the United States.

Because Australian Aboriginal art is so new to the United States, and is such a unique art form, our business model is somewhat different from that of a traditional art gallery.

At our site we introduce you to Australian Aboriginal art rather than just try and sell it to you. Our primary goal is to provide resources that will help you gain a greater overall appreciation of the beauty, power and importance of Australian Aboriginal art and culture and the unique people who create it.

Palya-Palya.com Merger

Beginning Fall 2012, Gallery Sydney-East will affiliate with Palya-Palya.com to provide our United States client base with enhanced access to Australian Aboriginal art.